Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hey you!!!
I'm soo sad I don't have the chance to update my blog so often these days, but there are some new things in my life that are taking all my time away:I'm on a cool internship atm (Louis Vuitton!!!) and to do that I moved from my beloved and beautiful hometown (Rome) to the coolest city of Italy (Milano!!!!!!).
Well these are the main reasons why I'm not on the internet a lot, but It doesn't mean that I 'm not looking foward to shoese everywhere, expecialy here, the capital of fashion.
Ok, ok I have to admit that the post of today didn' t need me walk around....but believe me totally worth it!
I was checking my fav site ( while I found out this girl who spent time on diying her shoes so good!

please guys read it, and copy her if you can!
I'd love to but I already know that I wouln't have the patience...not at all!
gotta go to the supermarket now, so I'm leaving you, hopefylly for a very little while this time.
Love you all.

Ps:I totally welcome whoever pass by Milan and want to say hi to me!
I miss my friends so bad!

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