Sunday, June 6, 2010


What a shoes week to me!
I have finally received the studded brogues I've ordered online , a real dream to me!!!
I've looked over and over for a pair of cool shoes like this and when I found them on Ebay I had no doubt!
They're in hand made material (that's why the price was low) and they're shape is just great.
Check it!

Overmore douring a shopping tour on a day off from work I found this electric blue sandals at H&M for only 12,95 Euros,they're made of elastic material and are super comfy.Mine!

Like them?



Anonymous said...

blue shoes are better with some mudd on them :)

*Sarita* said...

I'll put some , I promise...but I first need to ask...what esactly a mudd is?? :)

Anonymous said...

fango :P

Anonymous said...

Belle le prime, le seconde no!

SuicideSunday__ said...

le seconde sembrano estremamente comode*-*