Friday, December 10, 2010


Maybe it's because I love studs with all of my heart, maybe it's because I can't help when I'm in front of pink flats, but these shoes by Valentino totally took my breath away!
They're fantastic and I'm not the only one who thinks so...there 's already an attended list!! CRAZY!
I'm gonnna show you some of my favs styles..check them out!


Forse è perchè amo le borchie con tutto il mio cuore o forse è perchè di fronte alle ballerine rosa io non ci capisco più nulla, ma questo modello Valentino mi lascia totalmente senza fiato!
Sono fantastiche, e non sono la sola a pensarlo dato che hanno già una lista d'attesa!CRAZY!
Ecco le mie preferite!

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Valentino Studded Shoes said...

Hey I nominated you only because you have a wonderful blog and you write quite well. So you deserved that. Well Congratzzzzzz on that :). Keep blogging