Friday, October 7, 2011


Ok, I don't know if all of you know it, but today is the ast day for the SARENZA UK competition!!
It's about writing your thoughts about their new collection and post it, and TADAAA... HERE I AM.
I've surfed all around the site and I found so many shoes I felt in love with.
In general I saw a lot of brown and patent but at the same time tons of fur and shine!
In few words I hado no idea of what to chose.
In the end after hours and hours of research here's mi picks!

I want to start with something basic, like these  EMMA GO booties
Evergreen with a  totally 90's touch.
In black and brown. They worth every cent they cost (125 £).

I can't say too much when I see a pair of ROBERT CLERGERIE shoes.
They talk themselves. And they do it. (382.50 £)

Well these IRREGULAR CHOICE booties are the TOP to me!
They remind me a little  of  new Miu Miu's glitter booties, but these are times crazier!
And what a heel!!!!LOVE' EM!( 80.64 £)

Ok, ok I know these are not conventional cool shoes, but they're just so adorable!
And totally look comfy!I can see me walking on the streets feelinf my lil feet warm and happy with these MANITOBAH slip on shoes! (101.15 £)

Last but not least  I want to finish with a vintage touch with these MISS L FIRE!
I love the heels ( not to tall!!) and the seashells!!It would be like livinf on the beach forever...ALOHA! (96.04£)

I hope you enjoyed my list and agree with my ideas..but if you don't...well you can always go visit SARENZA web site and make your own choice!!!

Love you all!



Olga said...

The last image (MISS L FIRE) not loading. :(

*Sarita* said...

Is it working now??I've tried to fix it!

Olga said...

Yes. Grazie.

*Sarita* said...