Saturday, October 2, 2010


Oh finally I find out some time to post up some news and stuffs...
I had  the luck to partecipate to the Milano Fashion Week which has been great to me: tons of great looks, big parties and FANTASTIC SHOES!
As you all weel know I'm super bad in taking pictures and I'll be hardly become one of those blogger who takes pics all over the place...i'm more into "stealing"  better images here and there of the things I've seen too!
So here we are, my top 3 of the catwalks shoes!

Position number 3

Goes to "LES COPAINS" for these amazing super open wedges, all in flashy colors like this.
To die for!

Position number 2

The second place goes to BYBLOS, for these chained platform that are 100% my taste. 

Position number 1

Goes to her...Miss Miuccia PRADA for these Creepers shoes!!!
I love the masculine style and for me shoes means also flats.
And believe me, this is 
the best I've seen.

Do you agree with me?


PS: Douring this week I've seen many fashoin shows but I've been very stricked by the new designer such as Marco DeVincenzo and Silvio Betterelli.Check them on the net.They really deserve a lot of success!

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